Life is all about accepting the things that can be changed.


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In loving memory of Derrick Danzel Days II Young and Murdered. Gun Violence Awareness! Life, Health & Fitness Mentors...


We would like to thank you for your support please help us raise awareness of crime in our communities against children and crime being committed by children by sharing our page with friends and/or family. There are so many stories that go unheard...we want to make a loud noise! We've heard the voices of those that wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, those that want to entertain and be heard, those that want peace in our communities, those that want to be apart of something positive. What if we say it's possible to leave a legacy that can be remembered and passed down to the younger generation! Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation has set many goals to leave a mark on our communities by creating jobs and building wealth. Family Businesses are creating mutual relationships and stronger family bonding. We are putting the joy back in family. Derrick Danzel Days II will be remembered and his death will not have been in vain! We ARE BUILDING! you can help by joining our organization. #LIVINGSPREE... WILL YOU LIVE TO INSPIRE?